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What Will Obama’s Presidency Mean For Africa?

Africans across the continent are beaming with pride because a man they consider “one of their own” is now the president of the United States. Like many people around the world, they have high expectations for an Obama presidency, but a look beyond Obama’s Kenyan roots prompts the question: What will an Obama presidency mean for Africa? (1/23/09 ABC News, Dana Hughes)… Read Article

Discussion Questions

1. Do you think African leaders might have expectations of the Obama presidency that are too high? Why?

2. Discuss what you believe could be the global impact of an Obama presidency.


Obama Era to Break Down Barriers?

Everyone is doing stories about the changes taking place as a result of Barack Obama’s historic presidency. The venerable Atlantic Magazine has suggested the most provocative. Here is its cover story, titled, “The End of White America?”  Well, certainly things are different. Take one minor but telling indication concerning the Washington party “A” list. Naturally, members of any new administration are suddenly in demand when hosts and hostesses make up their seating charts. But there’s more going on here now than that. (1/22/09 ABC News, Sam Donaldson) … Read Article 

Discussion Questions

1. What, according to Sam Donaldson, could be the best thing the Obama presidency can do for us all?

2. Do you think this is “The End of White America?” as the Atlantic Magazine asserts?

President Obama to Keep His BlackBerry

Now that Barack Obama and his tech-savvy team have ascended to the White House, the more apt expression appears to be “Berry to the Chief.” Since winning the election, Obama has argued that he should be allowed to bring his BlackBerry to the Oval Office, despite national security concerns and a tradition of e-mail-free presidents. On Thursday, he finally got to say, “I won the fight.” (1/23/09 by ABC News, Ki Mae Heussner)… Read Article

Discussion Questions

1. What do you think about the President holding on to his BlackBerry?

2. Discuss the role of technology in American government.

Obama Asks Lawmakers to Back Stimulus Bill (video)

Despite concerns from Republican leaders, President Barack Obama is asking lawmakers to pass a big stimulus bill soon. (1/23/09 The Associated Press)

Discussion Questions

1. Discuss the items to be funded contained in the stimulus plan.

2. What is bipartisanship? Why is it important for the President to get a bipartisan vote on his stimulus plan?

NY Gov. Picks Upstate Congresswoman(video)

Gov. David Paterson has appointed Democratic U.S. Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand to fill New York’s vacant Senate seat. The appointment requires no further confirmation. (1/23/09 The Associated Press)

Discussion Questions

1. Discuss the circumstances surrounding the appointment of Congresswoman Gilibrand.

2. What selection process did Prof. Stephen Cohen of Columbia University refer to in the video?

Your 2009 Career Resolutions

Every day is a new beginning, but a new calendar year offers a particularly great opportunity for fresh starts. This year more than ever, career-minded people are craving new opportunities and new strategies to carry out in January and beyond.  As you think about your plans and goals for 2009, here are 12 career-related resolutions to consider adding to your list. (12/22/08 ABC News on Campus, Lindsey Pollak)… Read Article

Discussion Questions

1. According to career expert Lindsey Pollak, real failure comes from never trying something in the first place. Discuss.

2. Of the 12 career-related resolutions provided by the career expert, which ones do you relate to the most? Why?

Bush Bids America Farewell

President Bush became historian in chief Thursday night, delivering a farewell speech designed to frame his presidency as an era of accomplishment amid challenges, and contesting his critics’ more dour assessments that are reflected in sagging public opinion polls … Read Article (Jan 15.  John Hendren, ABC News).

Discussion Questions

1. Shakespeare said “the evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones…” How will you remember President Bush?

2. What do you think Bush would like to be remebered for?