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Republican Governors to Reject Stimulus Money

Nearly all the governors have been demanding help from Washington for months, and 46 states are facing budget shortfalls. Some have already been forced to lay off workers. So they need the money, but at least four Republican governors say they will turn at least some of it away. (2/21/09 ABC NEWS,  John Hendren) … Read Article


1. Do you think Republican Governors’ decision to reject some of the stimulus money is based on partisan sentiment or strictly economic rationale?

2. What does Governor Sanford of South Carolina mean by “a political promise that’s been made but not paid for?” How do you think the stimulus spending will be paid for?


Hillary Clinton’s New Approach to Diplomacy

America’s chief diplomat is using some refreshingly undiplomatic language on this first foreign trip. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is referring to the news frenzy she created after warning that a “succession” fight in North Korea could further complicate nuclear negotiations. (2/20/09 ABC News, Martha Raddatz) … Read Article

1. Discuss Hillary Clinton’s so called “blunt talk” diplomacy.

2. What does Hillary Clinton mean by a lot of diplomacy is “head game?”

Students Wrong to Think Class Attendance Merits a B

On Wednesday, The New York Times reported that a University of California study showed that of students surveyed, a third said they expected to earn a B in their courses just for showing up and 40 percent said they deserved at least a B for completing all the reading. (2/20/09 Rocky Mountain Collegian, Colorado State U.) … Read Article

1. What do you think about the idea that showing up for class is worth a “B” grade?

2. How much should a teacher consider “students putting effort into the class during grading?”

President Obama Speaks to The Nation’s Governors (video)

President Obama told the nation’s governors who were attending his first formal White House dinner, that all governors, despite party affiliation, need to work with Washington to help repair the economy. (2/22/09, The Associated Press)

1. Where did President Obama meet with the governors?

2. Discuss what the President means by saying nobody understands what’s happening in the country better than the governors.

How To Make Your Resume Stand Out

The first step to make your resume stand out is by having an expert review your resume and make sure it’s the best it can be, says career expert Lindsey Pollak. However, having a good resume is not enough these days. Employers are being bombarded with resumes, so the real way to stand out is to promote yourself beyond sending in a resume. You have to go the extra mile to get noticed. Depending on your situation and the types of jobs you’re applying for, here are some suggestions: (2/10/09  ABC News On Campus, Lindsey Pollak) … Read Article

1. Discuss Lindsey Pollak’s tips on making your resume stand out.

2. Which of the expert’s tips will be easy for you to adopt? Which will be difficult?

Students Opinion on Political Interest

Last week’s poll asked MPSL students their opinion on why political interest among young people has increased recently. About 58% think it’s because of Barack Obama; 32% said it’s because of the condition of the nation’s economy; and 10% think it’s because of the events of 9/11. Results were retrieved on 2/21/09, 8:00 PM PST.

To what extent do you think the results of the survey accurately reflect the recent attitude of young people toward political information?

No Taxation Without Representation (video)

On Monday, the Senate will tackle an issue that’s as old as the nation itself. As Thalia Assuras reports, will the District of Columbia finally receive a full vote in Congress? (2/22/09 CBS News, Thalia Assuras)

1. Do you think Washington D.C. should get official representation in Congress?

2. Who is the current delegate from D.C.?