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Will Obama Pick a Nominee From Outside The Court?

As a candidate for president, Obama repeatedly stated that he wanted to appoint Supreme Court nominees that not only had sharp legal minds, but also individuals with broader life experience. In 2008 he said, “some of our best justices have been people who knew a little bit about how the world works.” (5/19/09 ABC News, Ariane de Vogue, Jan Crawford Greenburg and Theresa  Cook) … Read Article

1. According to Senator Orrin Hatch, Obama is using a code word for an activist judge. What is the code word referred to and what does it mean to be activist judge?

2. Discuss what it means for Obama to look outside the court for a Supreme Court nominee.


Conservative Vs. Moderate Republicans Debate Future of Party

The conservative vs. moderate split threatening to rupture the Republican Party played out across the airwaves Sunday, with Colin Powell and Tom Ridge denouncing shrill and judgmental voices they say are steering the GOP too far right. Karl Rove challenged Powell to lay out his vision and “back it up” by helping elect Republicans. (5/24/09 Associated Press, Douglass K. Daniel) … Read Article

1. Identify who is on the two sides of the debate and their stand on issues.

2. According to Tom Ridge, how does Rush Limbaugh influence the Republican Party?

UCLA Campus Groups Urge Students To Vote

There is much at stake for the University of California in Tuesday’s special election. But student involvement has been difficult to maintain because of the timing and content of the propositions that are up for vote. (5/19/09 Daily Bruin, UCLA, Julienne Lauler) … Read Article

1. Discuss what is at stake for the UC system in Tuesday’s special election.

2. Discuss the argument against the propositions on the ballot.

Children Of The Recession

U.S. teens are feeling the heat of the recession, many of whom cannot seem to find summer work. Chris Wragge speaks with Renee Ward about landing summer jobs. (5/23/09 CBSNewsOnline)

1. What are some of the reasons why teenagers find it difficult to get a job?

2. Discuss how the lack of job impact teenagers and some of the tips to help them get jobs.

Russia: The 5th Largest Holder of US Treasuries

Russia has become the 5th largest U.S. creditor, after upping its investment in U.S. Treasury bills to more than $116 Billion.

1. According to the video, “The biggest U.S. creditor, China, is talking about using its reserves to finance domestic economic development rather than continued purchases of buying U.S. Treasuries.” Discuss the potential consequence of this action by China.

2. Discuss the likely consequence of  Americas massive liquidity injections.

Free Land In Africa or Neo-Colonialism?

African countries are giving away vast tracts of farmland to other countries and investors almost for free, with the only benefits consisting of vague promises of jobs and infrastructure, according to a report published on Monday. (5/24/09 Financial Times, Javier Blas) … Read Article

1. While some warn against “neo-colonialism” others say the investments can boost economic growth in Africa. What do you think?

2. Discuss the consequence of the land grab for the government of Madagascar.

Polisci Students’ Opinion on Obama’a Credit Card Reform

In a recent poll, MPSL students were asked their opinion on President Obama’s call for credit card reform. 16% of the students believe that the reform will increase public trust in the banks; 32% believe that reform will improve the economy; 22% think the reform will jeopardize the free market system; while 30% think the reform will not make a difference. Results were retrieved on 5/17/09, 8:00 PM PST.

Many believe that a credit card reform will not make a difference in the current economic condition facing the nation. What do you think?