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Polisci Students’ Opinion on Health Care Reform

In one of our recent polls, MPSL students were asked their opinion on what the health care reform focus should be. 39% said health care reform should focus on controlling cost; 36% said the focus should be on expanding coverage; while 25% said reform should focus on improving services. In a similar poll by ABC News/Washington Post Poll, 51% of Americans feel it is necessary for the government to reform health care to control cost and expand coverage; 46% feel government reform will do more harm than good; while 3% said they are unsure of the effect that government reform of health care would have. For the full poll report  Results were retrieved on 8/29/09, 8:00 PM PST.

Some critics of health care reform say it will create so called “death panels” (government organizations that will decide who will and whoo will not receive health services when they are critically ill). Do you think this allegation is true or not true?


Student Veterans Deal With Delay in New GI Bill

After five years of active duty in the Army and four days into his second year at the University of Iowa, Drew Mangler is unsure how he will pay his rent. (8/27/09 The Daily Iowan, U. Iowa, Shane Ersland) … Read Article

1. Discuss the efforts made by UI to accommodate student veterans experiencing delay in Post 9/11 GI Bill financial aid.

2. “On Monday, the Veterans Affairs Web site showed 211,251 veteran applications for financial aid still pending. At this time last year, there were 43,522.” Discuss what might account for the dramatic increase in applications.

Beck’s Attack On Obama Results In Backlash

Glenn Beck returns to Fox News Channel on Monday after a vacation with fewer companies willing to advertise on his show than when he left, part of the fallout from calling President Barack Obama a racist. (8/24/09 Associated Press, David Bauder) … Read Article

1. “We support vigorous debate, especially around policy issues that affect millions of Americans, but we expect it to be informed, inclusive and respectful,” said spokeswoman Carolyn Castel. Discuss the implication of this statement for the American political system.

2. Discuss the goal that aims to achieve by organizing the boycott of Glenn Beck’s show.

President Obama Eulogizes Senator Kennedy

In a Boston church filled with America’s most prominent politicians and dignitaries, President Obama eulogized Sen. Ted Kennedy, remembering him as an influential lawmaker and loving family man who made the compassion learned from his brothers’ deaths the touchstone of his 47-year legislative career. (8/29/09 ABC News, Russell Goldman) … Read Article

1. Discuss the legacy of Sen. Kennedy as remembered by both his Democratic and Republican colleagues.

2. “Many of America’s most prominent politicians and dignitaries crowded the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Basilica on a rainy Boston morning to pay their respects to Kennedy, whose death this week marks the end of the country’s most visible political dynasty.” Why is the Kennedy family referred to as a political dynasty?

Police Missed Opportunity to Rescue Kidnapped Girl

Contra Costa County Sheriff Warren E. Rupf admitted Friday that his officers missed a chance to find Jaycee Lee Dugard back in 2006. Dugard was reunited with her family Thursday, after being kidnapped in 1991. (8/28/09 Associated Press)

1. Discuss the opportunity missed by the Contra Costa County Sheriff to rescue the kidnapped girl in 2006.

2. Discuss the lessons that could be learned from this experience regarding dealing with missing persons’ complaints.

Military Kids Recognized

A summer camp in Pennsylvania allows children of military families a chance to get away from reality. The camp focuses on the notion that children of military families serve too. (8/29/09 Associated Press)

1. According to Michelle Joiner, what is the purpose of the camp?

2. Discuss the role of kids in military service, especially during war. 

China Jails Four For Microsoft Piracy

Microsoft said it had won a major battle against software piracy in China after four people were on Thursday sentenced to jail for illegal reproduction and distribution of the Windows XP software through a website called “Tomato Garden”. (8/21/09 Financial Times, Justine Lau) … Read Article

1. Discuss the implications of the judgement for online piracy group in China.

2. According to the article, what other types of products are pirated in China? What impact does this practice have on US-China trade relations?