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Polisci Students Opinion on Opposition to Obama’s Health Care Reform

In one of our recent polls MPSL students were asked their opinion on whether opposition to Obama’s healthcare reform is based on racism. 67% of the students disagree that the opposition is based on racism; 21% believe it is racism; while 12% is not sure. Results were retrieved on 9/26/09, 8:00 PM PST.

Former President Carter believes that opposition to Obama’s healthcare reform is based on racism.  What do you think?


Should Iran Be Sanctioned For Hiding N-Plant?

President Medvedev is calling on Iran to urgently prove that its nuclear plans are peaceful, after Tehran was forced to reveal it is building a second enrichment plant. At the G20 summit, Medvedev said Moscow is ready to help the UN nuclear watchdog to verify Iran’s intentions. (9/25/09 Russia Today)

1. What is said to be responsible for the recent cooperation between the US and Russia?

2. Discuss significance of the timing of the disclosure of Iran’s secret nuclear plant.

G20 Protest in Pittsburgh

Police threw canisters of pepper spray and smoke at marchers protesting the Group of 20 summit Thursday after anarchists responded to calls to disperse by rolling trash bins and throwing rocks. (9/24/09 Associated Press)

1. Discuss what the G20 leaders hope to achieve in Pittsburgh.

2. According to the reporter, what message did President Obama take to Pittsburgh?

Obama Addresses Black Caucus on Health Care

President Barack Obama on Saturday resumed his push to overhaul the health care system, telling a Congressional Black Caucus conference that there comes a time when “the cup of endurance runs over.” (9/24/09 ABC News, Darlene Superville) … Read Article

1. President Obama told a Congressional Black Caucus conference that there comes a time when “the cup of endurance runs over.” Discuss what the President means by the metaphor “the cup of endurance runs over.”

2. President Obama joked saying “They don’t want me to be on the right…” Who is the President referring to in this joke?

Colleges Prep for Swine Flu in Wake of Third Student Death

Colleges across the country have stepped up efforts to combat the swine flu as the first few weeks of classes brought outbreaks to some campuses, and a few deaths. (9/15/09 ABC News on Campus, Matthew Nojiri) … Read Article

1. What, according to Jacobs, is the main difference between the seasonal influenza and H1N1?

2. Discuss the various measures taken by colleges across the nation to inform students about H1N1 flu.

US, Britain and France Condemn Secret Iran N-Plant

The US, Britain and France united in condemnation of Iran on Friday after Tehran’s admission that it has been constructing a secret uranium enrichment facility that Washington fears could help produce a nuclear bomb. (9/25/09 James Blitz, Daniel Dombey, and Najmeh Bozorgmehr) … Read Article

1. “The US said it had known about the existence of the site for several years …” Why do you think the US decide to release this information at this time? 

2. What should be the appropriate action by the international community toward Iran as a result of this disclosure?

UC Students, Faculty and Staff Protest Fee Hikes

Thousands of students, faculty and staff flooded the heart of Berkeley’s picturesque campus Thursday to protest painful financial upheavals throughout the University of California system. (9/24/09 UWire, Andy Kroll) … Read Article

1. “An international student from China, Zhou already pays more than $40,000 a year to attend Berkeley — a price tag that continues to increase year after year.” Do you think that these fee hikes will prohibit international students from applying to the UC system? Discuss.

2. Discuss the effects protest by students and staff is likely to have on the UC administration.