US, Britain and France Condemn Secret Iran N-Plant

The US, Britain and France united in condemnation of Iran on Friday after Tehran’s admission that it has been constructing a secret uranium enrichment facility that Washington fears could help produce a nuclear bomb. (9/25/09 James Blitz, Daniel Dombey, and Najmeh Bozorgmehr) … Read Article

1. “The US said it had known about the existence of the site for several years …” Why do you think the US decide to release this information at this time? 

2. What should be the appropriate action by the international community toward Iran as a result of this disclosure?


4 responses to “US, Britain and France Condemn Secret Iran N-Plant

  1. I think the U.S. may have kept the info to themselves to be able to mainitain more control, and also not to spark more panic. The government, at that time, (a few years ago) was also in the mindset of knowing what was “best” for the American people. So, it makes a little more sense to release it now, if the govt. is going for more transparency. Also, I think they wanted to give the solidarity appearence, all the nations working together, keeping in tune with the G-20.

    The appropriate response would be that no country wants to be attacked by Iran, so it would be nice to be able to work together to prevent that, seeing as they all have a common interest. I think that would mean all of the nations brainstorming together to decide upon a plan, perhaps without war, that could address the issue and produce a result that all could be somewhat satisfied with.

  2. Stephanie Vasquez

    I believe that keeping the information about more nuclear weapons in Iran was was the best thing the United States could have done. If people were to have been notified of the weapons before, the chances that Americans would have overreacted in such a way that would have affected the alliance amongst Iran and the United States.

  3. for the government to keep the Iran N-Plant to themselves was a good idea because it probably cause some controversy and people voicing their opinions whether some how stop the Iranians.

  4. Lorena Vazquez Says:

    Anouncing the discovery of the second nuclear plant at the G-20 was a good decision. The more countries you have standing together in protest is what was needed. The question is, can outside pressure have any effect on Iran’s leaders? Even if China and Russia also puts diplomatic pressure on Iran, I think the Iranian leaders will probably continue with their nuclear project.
    What really makes me nervous is having more and more third world countries with the bomb. If a member of the nuclear “club” has it’s government grow unstable and falls to a group of terrorists, then we all have something to worry about.

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