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Recession Sends Older Americans to Food Pantries

Older Americans who were raised on stories of the Great Depression and acquired lifelong habits of thrift now find themselves crowding soup kitchens and food pantries in greater numbers for the first time after seeing retirement funds, second jobs and nest eggs wiped out by recession. (11/28/09 Associated Press, Valerie Bauman) … Read Article

1. Discuss what Hubert Scheid means by “You can’t get help because you have it too good, but you don’t have it good enough.”

2. According to the article, what makes it difficult for some older people to come forward and seek help?


Tough Market For Law School Grads

For the first time in decades, the promise of a profitable law career for top students is uncertain, as law schools report significantly reduced hiring rates. (11/26/09 ABC News on Campus, Emily Watkins) … Read Article

1. Discuss some of the alternative ways law school graduates are considering to find jobs.

2. Discuss the efforts by University of Texas and N.Y.U to bolster students’ hiring prospect.

More Parents Drug Testing Their Kids?

Parents hoping to curtail teenage drug abuse are flocking to a new program, now in two New York counties, that offers free drug testing kits. (11/25/09 ABC News on Campus, Matt Markham) … Read Article

1. How are the drug kits project in Suffolk County funded?

2. How would the drug testing kits work as a deterrent, according to Jenny Anderson?

Couple Selected as Rhodes Scholars

University of North Carolina seniors Henry Spelman and Libby Longino are both heading to Oxford next year, joining 30 other students from the U.S. who were selected as Rhodes Scholars. Besides being students at UNC, Spelman and Longino have another thing in common — they have been dating for nine months. (11/24/09 ABC News on Campus, Adam Yosim) … Read Article

1. Describe Longino’s experience in international social justice and human rights that may have helped her candidacy for the Rhodes Scholarship.

2. What is the student think tank referred to in the article?

(video)President Obama To Announce Decision On Afghanistan

At a news conference, President Obama announced that he will announce his decision on a troop surge in Afghanistan after Thanksgiving. (11/24/09 CBSNewsOnline)

1. When does the President intend to make an announcement to the American people regarding his decision on Afghanistan?

2. The President indicates that it is important to the whole world to tackle the type of extremism emanating from Afghanistan. How does he propose to achieve his goal?

(video)Us Veterans Lobby Against Afghan Deployment

While most US war veterans tend to be supportive of their country’s military operations abroad, some have been voicing their opposition to any escalation. (11/28/09 AlJazeeraEnglish)

1. Pete Hegseth lobby for the surge in Afghanistan because of what he calls the perception of the US by the world. What is this so called perception?

2. What is Congressman Rohrabacher’s reason for opposing the surge in Afghanistan?

(video)No Filibuster on Senate Health Care Bill

Democrats united Saturday night to push historic health care legislation past a key Senate hurdle over the opposition of Republicans eager to inflict a punishing defeat on President Obama. The 60-39 vote clears the way for a full-scale debate. (11/22/09 Associated Press)

1. Discuss the significance of the vote by the senators?

2. “Democrats united Saturday night to push historic health care legislation past a key Senate hurdle…” What is the specific “key hurdle” referred to in the video?