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Health Care Bill: What Does It Mean For You?

The sweeping health care overhaul legislation signed by President Obama is expected to have have a significant impact on Americans across the board, including you. (3/22/10 ABC News, Huma Khan) … Read Article

1. Discuss those whom the bill benefits  immediately, according to the article.

2. Discuss those whom the bill benefits by 2014 when it is fully implemented.


Beware of Hidden Car Rental Fees

Hidden fees touch a nerve with many travelers—especially those who have had problems with rental cars. Here’s a detailed look at five serious issues raised by readers about their experiences. (3/26/10 ABC News, Ed Perkins) … Read Article

1. List the five serious issues raised by consumers about their car rental experiences.

2. Discuss the “collision damage coverage” experience of the customer who had his “first-ever accident …”  What do you think about the New York State regulation requiring only insurance companies to take responsibility for claims?

Health Care Reform: Winners and Losers

Under the nation’s healthcare reform plan, the nation’s Medicaid system will grow as one of the main organizations to implement the goal of expanded medical coverage. From a financial standpoint, some states will be winners and some will be losers in this new arrangement. (3/28/10 ABC News, Ron Scherer) … Read Article

1. Discuss the confusion in Arizona regarding the cost of Medicaid expansion.

2. Name the so called 11 “expansion states.” Discuss how New York and Maine are expected to benefit from the reconciliation bill.

Campaigning For Tourists in Mexico: Students Targeted

In the wake of U.S. travel advisories warning tourists about violence at the Mexican border, business owners in the Mexican town of Rocky Point find themselves fighting to attract American tourists. (3/16/10 ABC News On Campus, Lindsey Reiser) … Read Article

1. Rocky Point, Mexico is usually a popular spring-break destination for college students, but last year businesses in Rocky Point lost near-crippling numbers of visitors. Discuss what caused the drastic decline in the number of visitors last year.

2. Discuss what business owners are doing to attract more vacationers to Rocky Point this year.

Polisci Students’ Opinion on Health Care Bill

In a recent poll we asked MPSL students their opinion on Democrats’ decision to pass a health care bill without the support of Republicans. The result: 35% said yes, Democrats should pass the bill without the support of Republicans; 57% said no; while 8% are unsure. In a similar poll by Washington Post, 47% of Americans say they trust Democrats to do a better job handling health care compared to 34% who trust the Republicans. Results were retrieved on 3/29/10, 8:00 PM PST.

Democrats have decided to try and pass a health care bill even without the support of Republicans. What do you think?

Get A College Degree in 3 Years?

Carmen Lookshire is halfway through her first year of college, but she already has her studies mapped out – and is looking at graduation in just two more years. (3/21/10 ABC News, Amanda Paulson) … Read Article

1. Our society “suffers form under-education” says Diane Ravitch. Discuss why many educators object to a three-year college degree.

2. According to the article, what seems to be driving the three-year college degree idea? What do you think about this move?

Cracking down on Students Who Stay Too Long

While they may be called four-year institutions, schools like the University of Texas at Austin have more than a few undergraduates who stick around longer. (3/17/10 ABC News On Campus, Xorje Olivares) … Read Article

1. Discuss the University of Texas plan to crack down on students who stay too long to obtain their degree.

2. Del Bosque said, “If a person wants to learn, then let them learn. Why should there be a time limit?” What do you think about Del Bosque’s comment?