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Tea Party Groups Doubt Global Warming

Skepticism and outright denial of global warming are among the articles of faith of the Tea Party movement. Is climate change real or a myth? Do political parties differ in their opinion on global warming? This article sheds light on the controversy surrounding global warming. (10/20/10 New York Times, John M. Broder) … Read Article

1. Why does Mr. Young the Indiana Republican nominee for Congress oppose cap and trade, the Obama administration’s policy to combat global warming?

2. What is the stance of FreedomWorks on climate change?


Emasculation Politics: What’s Wrong With ‘Manning Up’?

“Man up, Harry Reid,” declared Sharron Angle, facing off Thursday night in a Nevada campaign debate against the senate majority leader… A number of Republican women have suggested that their opposition would be better at politics if they acted more like men. Is politics a profession for men only? How are women politicians perceived by society? This article sheds light on the role of masculinity in the 2010 election debates. (10/15/10 ABC News, Z. Byron Wolf) … Read Article

1. Under what circumstance did Sharron Angle chide Harry Reid to “Man Up”?

2. According to Jennifer Lawless, what has been the traditional perception of female candidates? What is the consequence of this perception for female candidates?

Is It All Right to Snoop on Your Child Online?

According to a survey released by the Internet privacy company TRUSTe, 10 percent of parents admitted they secretly logged in to their kids’ Facebook accounts. Why would parents want to have access to their children’s online account? What are the pros and cons of the cyber monitoring? This article sheds light on what experts think about cyber control. (10/20/10 ABCNews, Ki Mae Heussner) … Read article

1. What advice did Monica Vila give to parents regarding online monitoring of their children?

2. How are parents to handle the conflicting values of protection and trust when it comes to cyber control?

Election 2010: The Palin Effect

Sarah Palin is hitting the campaign trail, going coast to coast to build support for her mama grizzlies and papa grizzlies. But there’s one thing noticeably absent at her stump events — the candidates themselves. So, what is the Palin effect? To what extent will Palin and the Tea Party impact the election results this year? This article sheds light on the influence Palin is having with prospective voters, particularly the Republican base. (10/19/10 ABC News, Huma Khan) … Read Article

1. Palin stumps for the candidates while the candidates themselves keep their distance from her. What, according to Kristin Soltis the pollster for the Winston Group, accounts for this seeming strange relationship between Palin and the candidates?

2. According to the Field Poll, what is the attitude of Independent voters in California toward Sarah Palin?

(Video)California’s Pot Proposition

Next month, California will decide on Proposition 19, which would allow adults 21 and older to grow and use marijuana recreationally. Who are the supporters of Proposition 19 and why do they support the initiative? This videos sheds light on the controversies surrounding the initiative. (10/10/10 CBSNewsOnline, Bill Whitaker)

1. Who are the former chiefs of police supporting Proposition 19, and what reasons do they give for their action?

2. Why are the medical marijuana shops opposed to Proposition 19?

(Video)2010 Election: What is the Enthusiasm Gap?

The 2010 midterm elections include several critical contests which could significantly sway power in Washington. What is the so called enthusiasm gap between Republican voters and Democratic voters? This video sheds light on the mood of voters in Ohio as the midterm election draws near. (9/28/10 CBSNewsOnline, Dean Reynolds)

1. Early voting helped Obama win Ohio in 2008. What strategy is the Republicans depending on to win back the state this year?

2. What according to reporter Jeff Greenfield is the significance of Ohio in national election? What is the main issue of concern for Ohio voters this year?

(Poll)Polisci Students’ Opinion on Gay and Lesbian in the Military

In one of our recent polls we asked MPSL students if they favor or oppose permitting people who are openly gay or lesbian to serve in the military. The result: about 65% said they are in favor; about 24% oppose permitting people who are openly gay or lesbian to serve in the military; while 11% is not sure. In a similar nation-wide poll by CNN/Opinion Research Corporation, 67% of Americans said they favor permitting people who are openly gay or lesbian to serve in the military; 28% said they are oppose to the idea; while 5% is unsure.

Recently a federal judge declared ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ unconstitutional. However, the controversy still remains whether people who are openly gay or lesbian should be permitted to serve in the military. What do you think?