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Daily Show: Longformers & Scared Old People

Larry Wilmore claims that the birther controversy isn’t racist — it’s just an opportunity for Republicans to scare old people.

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Video Glossary: Earmark

MPSL VLog: Demography and Representation

Every 10 years, the government conducts a census to measure population changes.  How do population changes affect American Democracy?  Professor Gaffaney explains.

America Will No Longer Be the World’s Largest Economy?!

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), China will surpass the United States and become the world’s number one economy by 2016. Rick Horowitz of the Huffington Post examines this issue in his blog by comparing the Untied States economy to a  sinking ship. A rising China along with a declining America marks an end to an era…or does it? Free-trade policies are arguably the source for both China’s rapid economic rise of and America’s rapid fall. As such, is it time for the United States to embrace  a more protectionist economic policy? Protectionism is an economic policy in which a nation discourages imports and foreign influence of domestic markets via methods such as tariffs on imported goods and trade embargoes .

However, protectionist policies might start a trade war with China which could be extremely problematic for the United States considering China’s colossal manufacturing base along with its rapid economic and technological growth. Moreover, the United States is heavily indebted to China so trade embargoes are practically infeasible. Theoretically, China could simply dump the $900 billion U.S. Treasury bonds they currently hold at a loss triggering a panic to sell mentality among the other countries that also hold U.S. Treasury bonds, in turn clasping the American economy outright.

What should the United States do to remain the world’s number one economy?


Weekly Quiz: Test Yourself on this Week’s Events

The weekly quiz is now live in Mypoliscilab. Good luck!

Weekly Poll: Your Opinion on the Gas Problem

As gas prices continue to rise, many wonder if there will be any relief soon; some think high gasoline prices are likely to impact Obama’s re-election bid. What do you think?

The Colbert Report – Obama Needs Charts and Graphs

Barack Obama needs to use graphs and charts in his speeches if he wants to keep people’s attention. (02:24)

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Question: Should political speeches concerning policy be judged on their content or their delivery method?