New York Accepts Marriage Equality

New York State, the 3rd largest state by population, is the latest state to allow same-sex marriage.  The addition of New York to the handful of states that recognize marriage equality is a significant victory for gay rights and LTGB issues. We must never forget that civil rights are fundamental freedoms and privileges guaranteed by the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and by subsequent acts of Congress, including due process, equal protection of the laws, equal treatment, and freedom from discrimination.

Nevertheless, same-sex marriage is still extremely controversial and the largest as well as loudest proponents employ religion or a sense of religious morality as justification to deny equal treatment to a subset of American citizens. However, marriage in the United States is a secular contract so the question of religion has no bearing on it, at least legally. You can have a marriage ceremony preformed by any priest you want, or a rabbi, a preacher, of any faith but if you do not have a marriage license issued by a state government you are not legally married in any state in the union.  Besides, the government does not care about sexual orientation when it comes to collecting taxes.

The Maddow blog posted a video of the New York Senate passing  same-sex marriage but the question remains whether a large state like New York allowing same –sex marriage without a residence requirement will have any significant implications for other states in the union. Only time will tell. Do you believe same-sex marriage is a civil rights issue and what impact will New York’s acceptance of marriage likely to have for the rest of the nation?



2 responses to “New York Accepts Marriage Equality

  1. I believe same-sex marriage is a civil rights issue because it is anyone’s right to be treated equally without discrimination. By having this controversy regarding same-sex marriage and how it goes against certain religions shouldn’t hinder those who are gay to express their love for one another through marriage. How in any way does their marriage affect those of say, a Catholic person? If they don’t agree with it, they don’t have to be around the couple. United States is a country of many freedoms: one of which is to be treated equally. I think New York’s acceptance of marriage will have some impact on those larger cities; however, the suburban cities and states will still have a firm stand on how same-sex marriage shouldn’t be allowed, just because of what has been a tradition. But as we move on throughout the years, generations change, and so does the people around it, so only time can tell. Regardless of whether a person agrees or disagrees with same sex marriage shouldn’t stop a couple from doing what they believe is right for them. Karla Suson Polisci 150 COC Summer 2011

  2. Catherine Carrasco

    I agree with Karla Suson’s opinion because like she stated, this is a country of many freedoms and we all should be treated equally. Besides religion isn’t always correct about everything they say or believe, they have been wrong a few times… such as not letting priests get married or have a family. I believe that two human beings that love each other should seal their love through marriage that must be valued in the country. This will have a great impact on small cities, towns, and suburban areas where same-sex couples aren’t often seen but I say we have to surpass all the discrimination and not let this be an issue because we have greater issues to focus on. Catherine Carrasco Polisci 150 COC Summer 2011

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