Weekly Poll: Your Opinion on Gun Control Laws

Subsequent to the elementary school shooting that killed 28 people in Connecticut last week; some are calling on Congress to pass a stricter gun control law. What do you think?


14 responses to “Weekly Poll: Your Opinion on Gun Control Laws

  1. This has been a sickening tragedy, and while I fully understand and appreciate the knee-jerk reaction to try and ban guns, we need to understand ALL the facts before we should react.

    With one exception, ALL mass shootings that have occured over the past twenty or so years (defined as more than three victims) have occured in places that were declared gun-free zones.

    John Lott, author of “More Guns, Less Crime” pointed out that the Aurora Colorado mass shooting occured not in the closest theater showing the film, nor the largest, but the one theater in the area that advertized that it was a gun free zone.

    Facts also show that many shootings that could have turned into mass tragedies have almost all been stopped when law abiding gun owners have gotten their personal firearms in hand to stop the shooters.

    Some have suggested that a national ban on firearms is the solution, but even if guns are banned, criminals will still get their hands on them, just like they’re able to import cocaine, even though that’s illegal as well.

    Betting back to these shootings, the one other common link, aside from these sickening events occuring in supposedly gun-free zones, is evidence of mental problems from the shooters. Perhaps it may be time to readdress the concept of a national registry of people with potential mental disorders? It may be the only real way to prevent things like this from happening.

  2. Can we afford more gun control laws? my opinion is no. If the U.S. banned firearms how could we defend ourselves against these criminals committing these crimes. Our rights as law abiding citizens to own firearms has nothing to do with these senseless killings by criminals. The majority of these crimes are committed with stolen guns or firearms purchased illegally. To take guns from LEGAL gun owners is unconstitutional. It would leave the U.S. in a position to where only the criminals would have access to guns and where does that even begin to make any bit of sense. Maybe if more law abiding citizens were allowed to carry their firearms in public these criminals would think twice before attempting to harm innocent people. I would take comfort in knowing that the re would be a handful of legal gun owners to stop them. I’m not saying it would stop every criminal but at least we still have the right to defend ourselves.

  3. I think that the laws dont have to be stricter , but maybe some alterations would help, like who and where they can be allowed. all authorites shoulld have weapons. fire fighters EMT teachers principals Bank tellers . that or maybe all our veterans who are coming back and not able to find jobs the government should put together a special branch of security just for schools banks and fire fighters should just carry their own protection. the schools and banks (or money and education) are government and state ran anyways so then the government should handle the security of these places

  4. I strongly agree that there should be more strict laws on guns because too many citizens go through a crazy mental state and harm others, like those men who opened fire in schools throughout this nations recent history.

  5. Ryan McClafferty

    I agree very much there should be stronger gun control in the sense that people need back ground check and classes down to be able to have a gun. There was an incident with football player brought a concealed gun into an airport. The fact he did that is just so stupid and we dont know if he was going to use that to harm people or just carrying it. The idea of stronger gun control is a problem America really needs to fix and quick.

  6. I agreed, the Congress should stricter gun control. But seem like to more we talked about gun control, more shootings have happen. Guns are own by the people that needed for protection and secure. One of those people are powerful, wealthy people. So for the Congress to do something about gun control would not be a easy thing to do. Maybe because many of Congressmen do own guns and so are his family members and friends.

  7. marissa fredrickson

    I oppose gun regulations because bearing arms is a core value in American soceity. The problem with gun violence is the mentally insane. We need to pass legislation, to help families with mentally insane put them in safe places. Away from the public. The gunman of Sandy Hook was insane was he not.

  8. I believe there should be a stricter gun control law. That stricter gun control law shouldnt infringe those people who deserve to carry and own a firearm. The Government need to find a way to keep guns out of the wrong peoples hands. Not make laws that handcuff the people who deserve and should be able to own what ever gun they want to if they choose to.

  9. I personally believe that they should keep better records of what guns are being sold to who and possibly have i.d. numbers on bullets that get saved to the gun owners account so we would be able to better track shootings. I don’t believe banning guns completely is the answer because bad guys will be bad guys. They will still be carrying guns and the innocent won’t have anything to protect themselves with.

  10. I agree that there should be stricter gun control but not eliminating it totally. Everyone wants to have a gun at home and with them for their own and others protection. With all these gun shootings happening everyday, carrying a gun around will not make it better. I understand that you have to be 21 years or older, take a class and pass it and get a license but I believe that there should be more tests done on the individuals such as even checking their background and having it all clear, etc. Some people don’t change even if they say they will. I would not feel safe putting a gun into a crazy persons hand. Plus, many buildings, stores, restaurants, banks, etc. don’t allow guns in anyway.

  11. I don’t think we need to have stricter gun laws because people are going to get guns anyway. Sadly, guns are already in the hands of everyone, it is too late to put a restriction. I think any gun law should be determined by the state and the amount of people killed each year by guns.

  12. That’s a great idea! The problem is; criminals don’t follow laws… tighter gun control only hurts those who do safely carry and know how to use their own firearms. Instead of worrying about laws on gun control, the government should be focused on properly training law abiding citizens to responsibly handle firearms.

    Just about every mass shooting in this country, was caused by an irresponsible gun owner, and way too many anti depressants.

  13. I am totally favor stricter gun control. I think the fact that the US government allows normal people to own a gun is very dangerous and this definitely have caused more tragedies comparing to other countries where normal people owning a gun is not permitted. In the country I come from(Hong Kong), no one can own a gun except for policemen. The news with some random people shooting in the public/schools are very very rare or almost none! When I came to the US, even my parents told me to beware of poeple shooting in the street. From this we can see that it is much safer to have strict gun control. I understand that America is a country representing freedom, but I think when it turns out to hurting/killing people, gun control should be tightened.

  14. do i think there should be strict gun laws? absolutely. with a situation like this, the gun laws have nothing to do with this situation. I really do believe that the gun laws in the U.S. need to be a lot more difficult than it really is to own, and carry a gun. All it takes is to attend a couple classes and a background check to carry a gun. I really don’t think that makes sense!

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