MPSL VLog:Unions in the Union (Same-Sex Marriage)

Same-sex marriage was also up for a vote in several statewide elections. Professor Gaffaney explains what could happen in this Supreme Court 2012-13 term.


8 responses to “MPSL VLog:Unions in the Union (Same-Sex Marriage)

  1. It is difficult to think of the federal courts agreeing on a decision towards same sex marriage. The idea of state by state legal or illegal makes it difficult for decisions to be determined as a whole. I understand and support gay and somewhat gay marriage. I just feel it becomes questionable when considering all the things that come with marriage. Is it write for a gay couple to adopt children? would that effect a child in a positive or negative manner? I always wonder that. To me it is something that still needs alot of thought through congress. All the ins and outs of gay marriage need to be discussed. Not just a ring on a fingure. The majority of people getting married are expecting to start a family in the near future. Is that ok for a gay family to adopt at this point. I feel the legal aspect of gay marriage needs alot more review before making it seem as simple as legallizing it sate by state.

  2. I do not beleive their should be same sex marriage. I am a christian and I believe marriage should only exist between a male and a female. I also don’t think it would be right for people in a gay marrage to adopt kids because the kids will be confused and not know what it is like to have a mom and a dad. I do see however how two girls or two guys who are roomates could get benefits like less taxes and such by being “married”.

  3. i believe that all couples in the United States should have the same rights when it comes to marriage. I feel it is a right of all couples no matter gay or straight to have the right to marry. When it comes to the adoption of kids i feel, that there are many kids that have no place or family to call their own. In today’s society many gay couples have adopted children that are in a loving stable home and it plays no part in the future on the childs sexual orientation. Many foster children in america go through a whole system of foster homes without ever being adopted to a permenant home. I feel a child would benefit from a same sex couple thats adopts them then not having a stabl home at all.

  4. I don’t believe in same sex marriage. I also don’t think that we should be wasting valuable resources to make this legal or not. Just let the states handle it at their level and be done with it. That being said, I also believe that everyone has free will to make there own choices and if they choose to be in a same sex marriage then they must deal with what comes with that, not everyone else. I do know some gay couples that have made wonderful parents and would never want to take away a chance for a child to have a loving stable home.

  5. Alexandra Djukic

    i believe same sex marriage should be legal because everyone deserves to be treated equal regardless of sexual preferences; however, I don’t think it is proper for same sex couples to adopt children since it could ultimately confuse children.

  6. i don’t think its okay for them to have different standards for same sex mirage in every state ! why waste time going to another state being married and once you leave that state it means nothing. and even the benefits you should be aloud to all rights just a a regular mirage . however i do not believe in same sex mirage but everyone deserves to be happy with who and how they wanted and be treated the same ..

  7. I believe that Same-Sex Marriage should not be legal because even though the constitution states that all men and women are created equal and deserve equal protection under the law, i do not believe that the should be allowed to be legally married. I do not agree with the choice of being in a same-sex relationship, but that also doesn’t mean that those who do participate in a realationship shou;d be in any way discriminated against. That is where the constyitutional protections comes in, same-sex marriage should be illegal, but if a couple wants to be together knowing that they can’t get married, then allow them to, it’s their choice, but don’t discriminate against them, just don’t allow them to get legally married because it is a sin, and our country was founded around the basic christian belief, where Gods law is the law of men. God made man for woman, not man for man or woman for woman, it shouldn’t be allowed, but if two people choose to be together in a same-sex relationship, then it’s their choice, but they should not be allowed to get married, but they should be protected from discrimination.

  8. I believe that everyone should have the right to marry. I am a devoted christian, however I strongly believe that everyone has the right to happiness. It saddens me that we leave the decision of same-sex unions to a large group of unfaithful men and women. I don’t believe that religion should have any place in the government. I don’t think many christians understand that not everyone has the same beliefs.

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