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The Party of Archie Bunker

Publicity photo from the television program Al...

Publicity photo from the television program All in the Family. Pictured are Carroll O’Connor (Archie Bunker) and Michael Evans (Lionel Jefferson). In this episode, Archie visits a local blood bank to donate and meets his neighbor, Lionel Jefferson, who is also there to donate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Archie Bunker is a fictional character played by Carroll O’Connor in a popular 1970s series All in the Family.  Despite being depicted as a hardworking family man, Bunker was also an assertively prejudiced blue-collar worker famous for his condescending and bigoted persona against feminists, communists, hippies, homosexuals, Jews, Catholics, immigrants, and all ethnic minorities. Archie got away with his prejudice demeanor because he personified the attitude of many of his generation at the time. Namely White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) male.

Based on the current republican platform (party platform is a list of socially relevant, urgent, controversial, or complicated topics or issues supported by a particular political party) and statements concerning public policy from prominent republicans, the current perception of the GOP does not match the party of Eisenhower, Goldwater or even Ronald Reagan. Official statements concerning legitimate rape, self-deportation of immigrants, that Obama supporters are all welfare recipients dependent on government and lack personal responsibility, not to mention the idea that today’s Russia is no different than yesterdays Soviet Union , have collectively revealed the Republican Party to be the party of Archie Bunker.

If that is the case, does that mean the Democratic Party is the party of George Jefferson? More importantly, what can Governor Mitt Romney, as the republican nominee for president, do to change this perception of the GOP?