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(Video)Banks Vs. Credit Unions: What’s the Difference?

The recent financial fiasco with big banks leaves consumers now having a second thought about doing business with banks. The Early Show’s financial contributor Vera Gibbons compares banks and credit unions. Would a credit union be a better alternative for you? (12/17/2009 CBSNewsOnline)

1. How would you determine which credit union to join. What are some specific signs to look for?

2. Compare bank and credit union rates for car loans and home loans as reported in the video. How do credit unions compare with banks in overall satisfaction rate?


Finally, Wall Street Reform: No More Bailouts?

President Obama today applauded the Senate for passing a sweeping overhaul of Wall Street regulations, and said he looks forward to signing it next week. “There will be no more taxpayer-funded bailouts – period.” (7/15/10 ABC News, Matthew Jaffe) … Read Article

1. Discuss Simon Johnson’s criticism of the financial reform bill.

2. Discuss the Republicans’ criticism of the financial reform bill.

Beware of Internet Profiling

Do you ever get creeped out when an ad on a Web site seems to know something about you? Information about you is collected every time you go online. (4/16/10 ABC News, Becky Worley) … Read Article

1. Discuss how you can use your mobile phone to protect your privacy according to the article.

2. Discuss the actions demanded by the petition to the FTC.

Digital Privacy: Unmasking The Myths

Every time we hitch our lives to these digital wagons, we leave a trail of information that, for good or for ill, marks every twist and turn we take in the electronic frontier. (12/30/2008 ABC News, Leslie Harris) … Read Article

1. Discuss the “Fact” of the “Myth” that says “As long as a Web site has a privacy policy all your data on that site is protected.”

2. Discuss the “Fact” of the “Myth” that says “Privacy laws protect all your online transactions from misuse by companies.”

Try the All-Cash Diet Challenge

Allow me to introduce you to the All-Cash Diet, a regimen designed not to lose pounds but rather to add heft to your bank account. There are no calories to count, just dollars to save. (1/26/10 ABC News, David McPherson) … Read Article

1. Discuss why the author came to conclude that debit card users are more likely to overdraw their bank accounts.

2. Discuss how using cash only can help you to spend less according to David McPherson.