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Weekly Quiz: Test Yourself on this Week’s Events

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Video Glossary: The DREAM Act

How would the DREAM Act change United States immigration policy? Why are some students adamant about Congress passing it? Professor Gaffaney explains the controversies surrounding the DREAM Act.

China Beats U.S. in Standardized Test

Chinese students made international headlines this week when Shanghai high school kids outscored their counterparts on PISA, an international standardized test. China came out on top and the U.S. was buried somewhere in the middle. Read this article for the secret behind Chinese students’ high performance. (12/9/10 ABC News, Sherisse Pham) … Read article

1. In what way do Chinese students get a better foundation in all subject area than students in the U.S., according to Shijing Xu?

2. In spite of the high test scores by Chinese students, Professor Yasheng Huang of MIT claims that there is a flaw in China’s education system. What is the flaw in China’s education system alluded to by the professor?

2. What is the significance of “gaokao” in China’s education system?

Alarming Number of Dropouts Has Colleges Scrambling For Solutions

When Amanda Wieder enrolled at the University of Florida in summer 2009, she worried not only about the transition to college life but also about how she’d pay for her education. And as a first-generation college student, statistics say Amanda is less likely to graduate than her peers. What can colleges do to intervene in the alarming dropout rates? This article reveals what measures are being taken to address this problem. (12/4/10 ABC News on Campus, Meg Wagner) … Read article

1. According to Joseph Gonzalez, faculty coordinator for First Year Seminar at Appalachian State University, what is the cure to the dropout problem?

2. What university is creating a “culture of success”  as a solution to students dropout? What does the “culture of success” consist of? How successful is the program?

Gates Foundation Aims to Increase College Graduation

For many years, diversity in higher education has been measured by how many low-income students and students of color enroll in college. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation wants to make a dramatic change in that definition, by focusing instead on college graduation rates. This article reveals how the Gates Foundation is working to make a difference in students college graduation rate. (9/27/10 Associated Press in ABC News, Donna Gordon Blankinship) … Read Article

1. In what specific project does the mayor of New York City plan to invest the grant from Gates Foundation?

2. According to the article, what is the long term goal of the Gates Foundation?

Back to School: Seniors Returning to College

Back to school takes on a new meaning for seniors in their 80s at Syracuse Univeristy, Hunter College. On the first day of class as students introduce their name, year and major, one major stood out among them: “My name is Monroe Guisbond. I’m 86 years old, and I’m majoring in life.” While the older students bring their experience and knowledge of politics, the younger students bring their technical knowledge. This makes for a very diverse group of students. What are the advantages of this diverse group for both students and professor? This article reveals some of the benefits of lifelong learning. (10/26/10 ABC News on Campus, Danielle Waugh) … Read Article

1. According to Dr. Sharon Brangman, what impact does a student like 80 years old Mindell have on the classroom?

2. According to Katherine DiVita, a junior majoring in public relations, what is the advantage of taking class with older students?

(Video)Rising College Costs Collide with Aspirations

Sending a child off to college often takes more than good grades and a big check these days. More than ever, it can mean compromising on school choice or a mountain of debt or both. What compromises are parents and students making in order to attend college? What is the main source of funding for college today? This video sheds light on these questions and gives parents some useful advice on how to fund their children’s college education.  (9/24/10 Associated Press)
1. What comprise did Griffen Boyle and his parent make in deciding which school he goes to?
2. What, according to Ivan Naliotsky, has contributed to the financial hardship prospective students face in the last two years?