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MPSL VLog:Unions in the Union (Same-Sex Marriage)

Same-sex marriage was also up for a vote in several statewide elections. Professor Gaffaney explains what could happen in this Supreme Court 2012-13 term.


MPSL VLog:The Demographics of Voting

As the American electorate continues to diversify, will Democrats continue to have an edge?  Professor Gaffaney explains.

MPSL VLog: Building a Cabinet

Each President of the United States nominates people to serve as his advisors. If confirmed, these officials are collectively called his Cabinet, and are able to influence national policy. Professor Gaffaney explains.

MPSL VLog: Bully Pulpit?

Churches are not supposed to endorse specific political candidates or they risk losing their tax-exempt status. In October, pastors decided to challenge this rule when they participated in an organized day to endorse candidates. Professor Gaffaney explains.

Weekly Quiz: Test Yourself on this Week’s Events

The weekly quiz is now live in Mypoliscilab. Good luck!

Weekly Poll: Your Opinion About the Future of the Country

President Obama was reelected, Republicans retain control of the House while Democrats retain control of the Senate; as a result some think that nothing really changed in U.S. politics. What do you think?

MPSL VLog: Voting Requirements in the States

A democracy depends on the votes of citizens, and the trend of voter ID laws continues. Professor Gaffaney explains.