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MPSL VLog:Unions in the Union (Same-Sex Marriage)

Same-sex marriage was also up for a vote in several statewide elections. Professor Gaffaney explains what could happen in this Supreme Court 2012-13 term.



The Supreme Court of the United States just began its new term. It is expected to decide cases about affirmative action, same-sex marriage, and voting rights. Professor Gaffaney explains.

MPSL VLog: Your Vote Controls Who Appoints Federal Judges

The Supreme Court and lower federal courts have the power to determine whether laws and policies are constitutional. Lately, judges have decided issues along political party lines. Your vote for President is also a vote for who will be appointed to the federal bench. Professor Gaffaney explains.

MPSL VLog: The Appeal of Same-Sex Marriage

Lawsuits across the country challenge bans to same-sex marriage.  In California, a federal court of appeal issued a narrow ruling that would allow same-sex marriage. Professor Gaffaney explains.

Video Glossary: Eminent Domain

Video Glossary: Rule of Four

MPSL VLog: Judicial Review: No Sex in Your Violence

Federal courts are charged with interpreting the meaning of the Constitution and federal laws. How do they know where to draw the line between what is protected speech and what can be limited? Professor Gaffaney explains.