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MPSL VLog: Incumbent Here Often?

Are there certain advantages that incumbency brings in the race for the White House? Professor Gaffaney explains.


MPSL VLog: Platforms and Candidates

The parties’ platforms are important to American voters. Professor Gaffaney explains.

MPSL VLog: Tweeting to the White House

How will the use of technology to target voters affect this fall’s elections? Professor Gaffaney explains.

MPSL VLog: Proving Voter Eligibility in Florida

A democracy depends on the votes of citizens. But how should a state determine which of those citizens is eligible to cast their votes? Professor Gaffaney explains.

MPSL VLog: Same-Sex Marriage… Again?

President Obama announced his position on same-sex marriage has “evolved” (along with many other Americans’), but how will this affect the race for the presidency? Professor Gaffaney explains.

MPSL VLog: Caucus Here Often?

Iowa holds the first caucus before the presidential election. Does this mean Iowans get a disproportionate say in who will be the Republican nominee? And how do the values of Iowan voters shape the national election? Professor Gaffaney explains.

MPSL VLog: Eat Your Pizza-That-Counts-As-A-Vegetable

Congress has the power to tax and spend.  This includes a refusal to spend–in this case on green vegetables for school lunches. Professor Gaffaney explains how the campaign against childhood obesity just got suspended.