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Weekly Poll: Your Opinion on Gun Control Laws

Subsequent to the elementary school shooting that killed 28 people in Connecticut last week; some are calling on Congress to pass a stricter gun control law. What do you think?


Weekly Poll: Your Opinion on Same Sex Marriage

Last week, the Supreme Court agreed to review two cases dealing with same sex marriage. Some observers believe this move might result in a decision that will affect gay rights nation-wide. What do you think?

Weekly Poll: Your Opinion on the Norquist’s Tax Pledge

Recently, some Republicans in congress publicly stated their decision to break ties with the Norquist’s Tax Pledge in order to avoid the so called “fiscal cliff.” What do you think?

Weekly Poll: Your Opinion on President Obama’s Middle East Policy

Last week, President Obama made his first overseas trip to Asia after winning reelection. Some critics think he should have been more involved in the efforts to resolve the recent Palestinian-Israeli conflict. What do you think?

Weekly Poll: How is Congress Handling the Benghazi Incident?

Some prominent members of the Republican Party in the Congress have harshly criticized the Obama administration for its mishandling of the incident in Benghazi on September 11, 2012; even calling for a Watergate-style of congressional investigation. What do you think?

Weekly Poll: Your Opinion About the Future of the Country

President Obama was reelected, Republicans retain control of the House while Democrats retain control of the Senate; as a result some think that nothing really changed in U.S. politics. What do you think?

Weekly Poll: Your Opinion on Superstorm Sandy

Although Superstorm Sandy caused a devastating disaster, it created an opportunity for President Obama to show his leadership skills as both the commander in chief and crisis manager. What do you think?