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How Safe Are the Public Transit Systems?

The prevalence of cell phone cameras means violent incidents on public transportation are being captured more often and seen more widely, giving an impression that such problems are on the rise. (2/21/10 ABC News, Michael B. Farrell) … Read Article

1. According to the article, what group of customers are likely to be more concerned about their safety on public transit, as a result of the increased publicity of violent incidents? Why?

2. How many times have violent incidents in public transit been publicized in the last six months across the nation? List the months in which the incidents occurred, according to the article.


Conservatives Aim To Reengage Youth At CPAC

“We can say what we like about Barack Obama, but gosh darn it, he energized the youth vote like we haven’t seen in a long, long time,” said Brooks Kefer, an American University student and Youth Conservative Coalition volunteer. (2/20/10 ABC News, Boris Korby) … Read Article

1. Discuss how the conservatives are trying to emulate Obama.

2. According to Zach Howell, the issues brought forward at CPAC show that conservatism has a lot to offer today’s younger generation. Discuss the main issues young people are concerned about and how the conservatives plan to fix them.

2010 Census Expected To Boost Jobs

Conducting the 2010 Census will create 635,000 jobs according to a recent report by the Commerce Department. (2/19/10 ABC News, Matthew Jaffe) … Read Article

1. Discuss how the Census Bureau has squandered about $5.6 million according to a government watchdog report.

2. Discuss both the hope and nervousness created by the upcoming Census according to Mark Zandi of Moody’s

2010 Census To Include Illegal Immigrants?

The high-stakes head count of Census 2010 is weeks away, and many state officials across the South and Southwest worry about getting an accurate count of the Hispanic population; and, more specifically, the illegal immigrant population. (2/16/10 ABC News On Campus, Maxine Park) … Read Article

1. According to Census officials the illegal immigrant population is key in this year’s census, not only from a statistical standpoint but also because much-needed federal money hangs in the balance. Discuss the high stakes of illegal immigrants in the 2010 Census for bordering states like Arizona.

2. Discuss what Rev. Miguel Rivera means by “No representation, so no cooperation.”

(Video)Female War Vets Homeless?

With over 200-thousand female service members deployed, they make up 11% of the total force. As Russ Mitchell reports, female Veterans are facing a tough battle after they return home. (2/21/10 CBSNewsOnline)
1. Discuss the major cause of homelessness among female veterans.
2. Discuss the measures taken by the Veterans Affairs Department to assist homeless female vets, according to the video.

(Video)New Credit Card Rules: Beware!

Sweeping new reforms for the credit card industry will soon go into effect. As Elaine Quijano reports, these new rules are designed to put consumers back in charge. (2/21/10 CBSNewsOnline)

1. Discuss the added protection for consumers under the new credit card rules.

2. Discuss ways credit card companies are trying to make more money under the new rules.

Senator Evan Bayh: Another Democrat Retires?

Democratic Sen. Evan Bayh has announced that he will not be seeking a third term. “There are better ways to serve my fellow citizens,” Bayh said at a news conference. “I love working for the people of Indiana. I love helping our citizens make the most of their lives, but I do not love Congress.” (2/15/10 ABC News, Rick Klein, Huma Khan and Jonathan Karl) … Read Article

1. “I love working for the people of Indiana. I love helping our citizens make the most of their lives, but I do not love Congress.” Discuss what Senator Bayh means by this comment.

2. Senator Bayh referred to what he calls “the lessons of Massachusetts Senate race…” Discuss the so called lessons of Massachusetts Senate race.